We are certainly proud of our staff and facilities, but that’s not the half of it! From here we use lightning-fast OC-12 Direct Fiber Optic Circuitry to connect our uniquely powerful network to four (4) Tier-1 providers that service such giants as Yahoo®!, Netscape®, eBay®, and USA TODAY®

Instead of building your own data center, your company now has the option to create a fully managed private cloud on our world class infrastructure and securely share our facilities among multiple “enterprise caliber” clients.

We invite you to take the following photo tour of our operation, while considering us as a new home for your data and a reliable provider for all your Internet Hosting and IT Management solutions.


NOTE: Our Data Center is SAS 70 Type II certified that provides the best-of-breed in data center operations with hardened physical infrastructure, security, and environmental services. If you need extreme bandwidth to accommodate your traffic or massive amounts of disk space for storage, and want to utilize our blazing fast Public Cloud infrastructure then please see our Unlimited Use “Fixed Rate” Cloud Nine Plan.



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Photo Tour: History Of Our Facility