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Data security is a primary concern for the vast majority of businesses, and it is a fundamental component of Rusty Gigabyte’s infrastructure.   As business owners ourselves, we know that proprietary information is vital and it’s often crucial to keep it secure.  It has been our experience that at every phase of operation all companies hold valuable information that needs to be protected from being lost, stolen, or compromised by unauthorized users.

Rusty Gigabyte’s Data Center and Service Partners continually make significant investments in providing comprehensive security for our personnel,  facilities, and stored data so that your businesses and your customers can rely on us to provide state-of-the-art enterprise-class private cloud and public cloud virtual infrastructures that will not fail.

Security Is Fundamental at Rusty Gigabyte’s Data Center


Your data has extreme protection from hackers through leading edge enterprise-class security software and live monitoring of our servers 24×7.  We also manually “harden” each server and OS that we use and employ custom hardware firewalls with stateful packet inspection.

Not only does our software based security solutions encrypt the data to discourage people from stealing it, we have also invested in the first proven denial-of-service attack prevention system, the IPS 5500 from Top Layer technologies, which protects our entire cloud.  The Attack Mitigator IPS 5500 is the world’s only network Intrusion Prevention System to provide any enterprise with Non-Stop Protection against both network-level and application-level attacks. Non-Stop Protection means that 100% of legitimate transactions reach their destination with no discernible impact on network latency even when under load or attack – The Attack Mitigator IPS 5500 is the only network Intrusion Prevention System product with this capability.

The physical security at our data center includes biometric palm scanners at the entrance to our facility and a live on-site security staff to engage and deny unauthorized access into the data facility 24/7.  Approved visitors without an access card can ring the security desk from the front entrance via intercom.  The Network Operation Center personnel can see visitors through a video camera and confirm that the person is authorized to enter the facility by validating their contact info against our authorized data list.

Our data center has multiple redundant prevention systems in place  to lessen or avoid damage when disaster strikes, and we can survive almost any disaster.  All data is encrypted and automatically backed up as it is created on-the-fly.  We use a redundant model for our Network Operations Center (NOC).  Our primary NOC is located next to the data center floor where monitoring takes place for the network, servers, and environmental components.  Then a secondary or back-up NOC is a located in a secure area behind closed doors.  This secondary NOC shares space with the upper tier technical support and provisioning team.  Tier 3 engineers provide 24×7 monitoring at all levels of our Network Operations Center.

Our Data Center facility sits at the intersection of two separate metropolitan power grids drawn from two distinct cities, Boston and Cambridge, each supplying 13,800 volt service. This attribute allows us to exceed 120 watts per square foot in this Data Center. Plus for the ultimate redundancy, we have our own perpetual power plant that can power a small city!  Our structure was built to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, and a small war – In fact, we were one of the only facilities that maintained business-as-usual through the  2012 “Franken-Storm” that hit our data center in Boston, MA.

This is a SAS 70 Type II certified Data Center, providing best-of-breed data center operations with hardened physical infrastructure, security, and environmental services. We are committed to maintaining high service standards and growing within the data services industry.

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