Custom IT Solutions


Safeguard Your Company’s Network and IT Assets


Improve productivity and security with your own team of live proactive support technicians!

Rusty Gigabyte now offers Premium Managed Services for businesses of any size and location.  By leveraging our Network Operations Center and highly skilled engineers you can easily acquire your own systems management team for desktop monitoring, technical maintenance and professional support for servers at your remote location.


By partnering with RustyGigabyte for Managed Services, you will now be able to obtain a custom solution for proactive services such as:


  • Observe Monitoring and management of workstations and servers.
  • Discern Support for the most popular business software suite, such as Microsoft, Adobe and others.
  • Repair Support services including troubleshooting and remediation of common server and workstation problems. (We offer both trouble ticket and phone Help Desk support options).
  • Manage Basic systems administration – user management, file system management, etc.
  • Upgrade Patch management for MS operating systems and applications.

How about adding a new profit center for your company?..

As an additional opportunity, RustyGigabyte provides the experienced personnel, resources, and infrastructure so you can offer your own around-the-clock technical support services to your clients.  That’s right, here’s a solution for businesses that want to expand their service offerings while improving their own efficiency and profitability!

Our all-inclusive Global IT Service proactively safeguards your client’s IT environment by continuously monitoring servers and workstations.  Our software monitors over 220 events/services on each device to catch problems before users are affected.

Below is the short list of a few tasks that your business can outsource to RustyGigabyte.  You can easily customize the services for each client by working with our engineers during the setup phase of the engagement.


  • Remote systems administration
  • Troubleshoot and remediate alerts
  • Perform move, adds, change requests
  • Performance troubleshooting
  • Business application administration
  • Setup monitoring and scheduled scripts/tasks
  • Asset management / reporting
  • Temporary file clean-up
  • Disk defragmentation, Scandisk
  • Microsoft updates / patch management
  • Performance optimization
  • Event log monitoring and alerting
  • Troubleshoot Windows error logs
  • Detect Disk and disk controller errors
  • Troubleshoot printing issues
  • Identify resource issues
  • Anti-virus software management
  • Anti-virus scan and virus removal
  • Anti-Spyware /Adware software management
  • Scheduled spyware scan and removal
  • Logs review and exclusion management
  • Security definition management

Rusty Gigabyte has everything it takes to help you deliver a reliable enterprise-class managed services solution to your clients at small business prices. We can provide full remote monitoring and support as well as onsite support for you or your clients if needed.

To provide this level of support requires staffing to be available around the clock seven days a week. Staffing for this activity can be difficult because of the time and resource requirements as well as the broad base of knowledge required to respond, analyze and resolve issues. By partnering with RustyGigabyte, you can now provide this important service for your clients and increase your recurring revenue.

IT automation is the key for transitioning from a reactive stance to a proactive environment that is a Results Based IT Service Delivery Model. RustyGigabyte provides unparalleled automation of the periodic IT tasks required to manage and maintain technical systems and devices – all backed by our experienced team of certified engineers round-the-clock.

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Our Cloud Servers are built using VMware virtualization technology. This robust platform insures that we can offer you a 100% uptime guarantee on a system that is ideal for web hosting, e-commerce, high-traffic sites and more. We also offer PCI DSS compliance options as well as SAS70 and HIPPA compliance. If you need a Private Cloud with multiple servers, or a custom configuration, we’ll be happy to accommodate you. Please call or email us at for a custom quote.